Cemetery records - double deck graves? #general

Gloria Bailey <GAB123@...>

Response to a question >from Judith Lipmanson on the accuracy of cemetery
records and the possibility that one grave was on top of another...

In my family (Catholic side) at a Catholic cemetery - Calvary on LI -- I
have been told that my grandfather's grave is on top of my grandmother's
grave. My grandfather died 18 years after my grandmother. The listing from
the cemetery office lists 3 people buried in this - section 55 Range 10 Plot
D Grave #6. In addition, in another section, range, plot graves 1 and 2 are
buried 6 adults. And another has 5 adults and 1 child. I don't know how big
each of these graves are, but that appears to be a lot of people.

I will also note that some of the people buried in my family plots are not
directly related to me, but were members of extended family of the spouse of
my grandfather's brother. So, it is totally possible to have someone in the
plot that you do not recognize.

Also, I found people I never knew about >from the cemetery listing as well.
One was an "adopted" daughter of my grandfather's sister with the surname of
that sister's second husband (which I did not know before I received that

These plots were purchased between 1907 and 1918 and were used through the

Another thing the listing said was that some graves were moved >from one
section to another and at least one was moved to another cemetery. Our
family was poor and I believe they shared the plots they had when the death
occurred and maybe made other plans later.

All in all, you can learn a lot >from the cemetery listing. Since the
records were kept on file cards by hand, it is entirely possible for all
kinds of errors to get in as well. For instance, they could make a notation
on the wrong card and thus it would not match the physical gravesite.
Alternatively, they could forget to record something or record it in the
wrong place, so the gravesite could have more than the card.

Gloria A. Bailey, Ph.D.
Searching Osherowitz and Ginsberg/Ginsburg in Romanovo & Slutzk, Minsk,
Belarus and Schildkraut in Pagost, Minsk Belarus

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