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On Sun, 1 May 2005 08:47:11 UTC, (Leslie Weinberg)

Thanks once again to the tireless efforts of JRI-Poland, I have the name
of my grandfather's nephew, but there is something very strange here.
The son, born four months after the civil marriage (I guess I have to
assume there was a religious marriage earlier?) has the name Mozes,
which also happens to be the name of her own brother. My grandfather
had two siblings by my great-grandfather's second marriage, Hene and
Mozes. I know Mozes lived through the War (he was in a camp in Italy, I
was told, and came to the U.S. after the War on the ship which docked in
upstate NY). and I remember meeting him as a child. Why would a Jew
from Galicia name a son after a brother?
from as much as I have been able to understand in your description, I don't
know that you can say that he was named abter the brother. Brother Moses was
almost certainly named for a forebear; if not, then for some prestigious
personage or someone else. The son that occupies your thoughts may have been
named for that same forebear, or for another, on either side of the family.

You don't mention whether Brother Moses was alive or dead when the son was
born (or possibly that has gone over my head). If he was dead, expecially if
he had died without issue, there would be nothing surprising about wishing
to carry his name forward as a memorial. If he was alive, that would seem to
confirm the possibilities I have tried to describe in the paragraph above.
If two people have the same forename, they are not necessarily named for
each other, even in Galicia.

As a relevant anecdote, I can tell you that my pmggm bore two sons of the
same forename. The first had died in infancy, and she "recycled" the name,
which was that of her grandfather, for the second. Things in the real world
are not programmed as neatly as one might imagine.

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