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Johann Heinrich NIEMANN and wife Henrietta (Fisher, FISCHER - maiden name)
NIEMANN Married in 1868 in Mecklenburg, Germany (or Magdeberg).
Came to America in 1871 to NY via Hamburg and ship name L.L. Holsatia
Stamped August 2 or 12, 1871 >from Living in Ludorf records in Robel and
Settled in Ebenezer then West Seneca, NY with census taken in 1880. One son
born in Mecklenburg on November 13, 1869 named Ernest August NIEMANN. Baby
about 8 mths. when coming to America. Possibly born in Ludorf where they
resided before leaving for America.

Henrietta Fischer NIEMANN was born July 4, 1847 or 1848 in
Magdeburg, (possibly Mecklenburg but death certificate says born in
Magdeburg) Germany and died May 25, 1933 in Yorkshire, NY.

Johann Heinrich NIEMANN was born in Mecklenburg, or Magdeburg,
Germany Dec. 13, 1846 or 1847 and died as NEAMON on Jan 8, 1928 in
Yorkshire, NY.

Rosalia Olga BAKKER (BAKKER) (BAECKER - old spelling >from The Old
English) born in Sardenia on January 27, 1885, died Dec. 15, 1953 in
Sardenia or Springville, NY and Married Charles NIEMANN (NEAMON the new
spelling probably at time of marriage) in 1901 in Sardenia, NY.

Charles NIEMANN (NEAMON) born March 14, 1883 in West Seneca, NY
and died Feb. 24, 1973 in Springville, NY as (NEAMON) where he was living
at the time.

1. Henrietta FISCHER (Birth name) was born July 4, 1847/1848 in
Magdeburg, Germany according to death certificate.
2. Henrietta (NIEMANN - marriage name) died May 25, 1933 as NEAMON
in Yorkshire, NY. (Spelled NEAMON in 1930 census, spelled NIEMANN in 1880
3. Johann Heinrich NIEMANN was born Dec. 13, 1846/1847 in
Mecklenburg, Germany or Magdeburg, Germany.
4. Johann Heinrich NEAMON died January 8, 1928 in Yorkshire, NY.
5. Rosalia Olga BAKER (BAKKER) born January 1, 1885 in Sardenia, NY.
6. Rosalia Olga BAKER (BAKKER) NEAMON died December 15, 1953 in
Sardenia, NY.
7. Name change for Charles NIEMANN to NEAMON 1901 in Sardenia, NY.
8. Charles was NIEMANN when born 1883 in West Seneca, NY.
9. Charles was NEAMON when died in 1973 in Springville, NY.
10. Charles and Rosalia Olga BAKER (BAKKER) then married as NEAMON
in 1901 in Sardenia, NY.
11. Charles then died in 1973 in Springville, NY under the name

I am the submitter. My name is Donald Gary Shapp and my address is
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jerusalem Israel. Please help me find this family
that existed in 1868, 1871, 1869, 1847, 1933, 1846, 1928, 1885,
1953, 1901, 1973, but somehow was misplaced. Thank you,

Donald Shapp danshapp@zahav.net.il

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