Re: Slovakian Jewry - emigration patterns? #general


Further to Peter's reply with regard to Zavod and Kol...

My NADWORNY name is beyond uncommon among Jews. My family came >from
Odessa. All the non-Jews with the name come >from Poland or northern
Ukraine as do the very few other Jewish families with the name
(it's an occupational title meaning someone who worked on or managed
an estate).

I have always reasoned that the family started off in Poland and
emigrated to Odessa. But then again as Jews commonly were hired to
manage Polish nobles' estates my family could be independent of others
Jewish families with the name. I think you have to follow all
possibilities. The name also refers to "court" like court chancellor
in Russia. But often online presence of the name is on Polish sites
discussing fantasy sci-fi books!

And family mythology (stories everyone insists are true but no one
can prove)can send you off on wild goose chases.My relatives didn't
know about non-Jewish NADWORNYs back in the day--and somehow the story
got to circulating in my family that my gf had been a philanderer
and had children with a Catholic woman but left her and so there was
a Catholic branch of the family!! Not true but we all believed it
(I actually met a member of that Catholic family who had converted
to Judaism! Life is interesting).

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY

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