Re: Permission for marriage [in the Habsburg Empire] #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I must have missed Errol Schneegurt's [LI, NY]
question a few weeks back as to why [his]
great-grandfather who worked for the Postal Service in
Lviv, required permission >from the Post Office [where
he was employed] to get married.

Errol has partially answered his own question in
today's posting: the documentary requirements prior to
marriage in the Habsburg Empire, of which Lviv [Lvov,
Lemberg] was a part when the marriage took place were
very stringent. I have a list in front of me of 22
certificates which had to be in submitted before
permission was granted for a Jewish marriage in
Bohemia in 1832.

Amazingly, this list includes school certificates from
both the bridegroom and bride to-be! Whether poor
marks [grades] counted against you when applying for
marriage permission in 1832, I have yet to discover!

I doubt if these requirements were only directed at
Jews - bureaucracy ruled supreme in this Empire.
Non-Jews may however have been "let off the hook", for
som of the certificates.

Seven of the requirements involve certificates from
the bridegroom's apprenticeship years and current
employer. Thus the bridegroom had to supply a
certificate to prove that he is employed in a job
which supports him financially.

Celia Male [UK]

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