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Maria <elena@...>

Hoping to establish a couple of connections to some names I've been able to
tie into the main branches of my family research:

In 1891, my great uncle, Samuel Maltinsky, living in Braddock PA, married
Gittel Kunst. I have found the Hamburg and NY port references to Gittel Kunst:
she lived in Grodno, was born about 1870, and arrived in NY in December 1890
on the Rhaetia out of Hamburg. By spring 1891, she has relocated to PA.
The marriage certificate says she was living on Townsend Street, in Pittsburgh.
A search of microfilmed directories for Pittsburgh yielded no Kunst references
(or Kunsht, or Kunzt names either). It's possible that she could have been
boarding, and just wasn't listed? Interestingly, the 1930 census for
Pittsburgh does show a "Kunsty" family living at 34 Townsend, close to a Zak
family (Yad Vashem mentions a Kunst/Zak marriage, indicating a possible
connection for the Pittsburgh family). Gittel changed her name to Gertrud
after her marriage to Sam Maltinsky; the last I've been able to gather about
her is in the 1930 census, where, two years after Sam's death, she is running
a boarding house; and her death in about 1944. Would be happy to work on any
connections between Kunst families and this Gittel/Gertrud Kunst >from Grodno.

Following a lead on my grandfather's (Polish) side of the family, I have
established a connection for Frank Levy, born in Brooklyn. He was the son of
Kalman Levy and Betsy/Bessie/Beile Pomerantz. Both were >from Poland, town
uncertain, but Betsy appears to have been related to my great grandmother,
which indicates that she would have lived around the Przedecz area. Son Frank
married and passed away in Louisville, and I have just discovered a couple of
facts about his wife's family: she is Lillie, born Yoffe, in Missouri. Her
father was Henry Yoffe, >from "Lithuania", according to the 1930 census for
Louisville. He and his wife Sara, also >from Lithuania, seem to have come to
the US about 1908. Lillie, born around 1914 and sister Bessie, born around
1918, were both born in Missouri; their brother Edward was born in Louisville
in about 1923. Henry Yoffe was in the tobacco business while in Missouri,
and ran a retail store in Louisville, which Frank seems to have inherited.
Would be happy to pursue facts and leads with anyone with any connections.

Many thanks to all,

Maria Torres
NOTIS (Kovno, NY) KUNST (Poland, PA), PADEREWSKI (Poland, Savannah)
(Poland, NY, KY) RYBINSKI (Poland, UK)
TOBIAS (Poland, UK) DANIELSKI (Przdecz Poland)

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