Letters from Holocaust Survivors: Book & Interview #general

Barbara Niederhoff <iamthewind@...>

Today on the radio I caught the end of an interview with Nina Sundell,
director of the Holocaust Awareness Institute at the University of
Denver. She spoke of a new book, "Letters: >from Colorado Holocaust
Survivors to Future Generations." The little bit that I heard was on the
importance of survival and re-creating life. More information about the
book is at http://www.du.edu/cjs/hai/hai_letters.htm .

The full interview will be broadcast again at 7 pm Mountain Time at
http://www.cpr.org/listen/ . You can also listen anytime later (after 8 pm)
at http://www.cpr.org/co_matters/ -- scroll down the page to May 5, or
click on the calendar if May 5 is not shown. If there's a Colorado Public
Radio station near you, you can pick it up on the air at 7 pm.

Barbara Niederhoff
Centennial CO

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