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Hi, Julius and all Genners,

I, too, thought that Yvonne was related to Ivan, etc.
until I researched the etemology and found the

Yvonne is the feminine of Yvon, Yvette is the feminine
of Yves. Yvon is French >from the Germanic Iv [or
Ivo], which means Yew. Yves also means Yew, and was
also a saint's name.

On the other hand, Johannes is the Latin form of the
Greek name Ioannes, which is derived >from the biblical
Yochanan meaning "G-d is gracious". Johann [German],
John [English], Sean [Irish], Ian [Scottish], Eoin
[Gaelic], Ivan [Czech, Croatian, Slavic & Russian] and
Jean [French] are all variants of the same name.

Feminine versions of this name include:
Johanna, Joanna, Seanna, Ivana, Jeanne.

So Sean Connery, Ivana Trump, Eoin Colfer and Ivan
Rodriguez's given names have nothing to do with the
stage name Yves Montand [who was born Ivo Livi, not
Levi, - but that's another story.]

I'm sure that whomever chose Yvonne for a girl's
secular name thought the name exotic or romantic.
Hebrew names that might be a match include Yocheved
because it begins with a Y or even Chava [as Eva, its
translation into Latin languages, was a common name
but pronounced similarly [EE-va] to Yvonne [EE-von].

And then there's the usual - no reason or translation
or equilvalent in the family at all, someone just
liked it and her Hebrew/Yiddish name was Golda.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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I am looking for the origins of the name Yvonne. Is
it a common Jewish name or is there a Jewish male or
female equivalent?

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