Eugene Oregon Genealogy Meeting May 11 #general

Reeva Kimble <rkimble@...>

The next regularly scheduled meeting of EugeneGen: The Eugene Oregon
Jewish Genealogy Study Group will be Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 7:30

Jonathan Seidel will present a talk on the Early Modern and Modern
history of the Vilna Gubernia, the intersection of the Hasidic and
Mitnagdic worlds and the history of the Polish/Lithuanian town of
Postowe. He will focus on his father's lineage, in particular the
Zeitl/Seidel/Sjeidl families >from 1750 to 1945.

Our meetings are open to everyone. You are welcome to bring genealogy
research questions, success stories, old photos, reference books and
family heirlooms. EugeneGen members can borrow books and newsletters
from our library and list family names and towns on the EugeneGen web

EugeneGen Web Site:

Contact me if you need directions.

Reeva Jacobson Kimble
Eugene Oregon

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