POLISHUK, NY - Where Are They? #general

arnonh <arnonh@...>

Hello, Dear Colleagues!

In EIDB, I've found the POLYSZUK family - a mother and 3 children
arrived in 1922 - and they mention that the father is already in NY with
the name POLISHUK.

Not a single one of them have I found in 1930 US Federal Census.

Here are the details about the family, as appear in the EIDB original

Father: Jechil POLISHUK, lived in 1922 in 103 Debevoise, Brooklyn, NY.
Mother: Chawa POLYSZUK (41), >from Berezno, Ukraine.
* Eidel (F, 21);
* Dawid (M, 17);
* Feiga (F, 14).

Any help in locating them after 1922 will be much appreciated!

Yours Sincerely,
Arnon Hershkovitz, Israel

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