Re: Designation of unmarried partners #unitedkingdom

Beverly Shulster <gettingbttr@...>

Naomi Fellerman wrote:

I am sure this question has probably been asked before, but given that
in modern times a percentage of us live with our partners without being
married, how does one record this on the family tree? Any suggestions
My program allows for "partner", so that is the way my S.O. and I are
designated. As someone mentioned, as long as there aren't children it
doesn't really make much difference, and even if we had children I
wouldn't really care. It is only a computer program :-)

Something more interesting in my family is a cousin whose partner is
another woman.... The one partner shows up as female and the other
partner as male and there is nothing I can do to change that. So
whereas their prospective child will actually have two mothers, the
parents will show up in my program as being mother and father!

I have no doubt that just as "partner" showed up in the later versions
of my software, same-sex partnerships will also be fixed in later
versions of the various tree programs. Progress!!

Beverly Shulster
Yehud, Israel

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