Ellis Island - Ship's Manifest #general

Shirley Collier <shirley.collier@...>

One of my mother's cousins remained behind in London at the age of two and
a half with my grandfather when her mother emigrated to America. She joined
the family later at the age of nine, travelling on the ship "Cameronia" out
of Glasgow on the 20th June 1921, the final destination being Wilkes Barre,
PA. Above her name on the manifest is what looks like YL99153 London
1/10/32 (handwritten). Please can anyone explain what this might mean?


Shirley Collier
East of London UK

BERMAN/BEARMAN - Piesk,Lublin/Warsaw/Philadelphia/London
HARRIS - Sieradz/Hull/London
ROZAINSKY/WAPNASH - Rozan/Czestochowa/New York/London
TILLES/TRINKENREICH - Tarnow/Krakow/Newcastle/London

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