Common courtesy #general

David Kravitz

"Over the years, I have >from time to time answered requests for information
on this forum. In all but one instance, I never heard back >from the
party...not even a simple thank you. "

I have respomded to a great many JewishGenners over the last fifteen years
and, rarely these days, post on the JewishGen site unless my email is of
general interest. >from time to time I also offer my article on researching
in the UK and this brings dozens of requests. In virtually every case I
receive a thank you. My correspondence has led to developing friendships
across the oceans and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting two
regular contributers in New York and San Francisco in March.

I think the complainant is unlucky or has a problem with his email provider.

David Kravitz
Netanya, Israel

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