Information on Csenger, Szatmar/Satu Mare and UNSDORFER #general

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Dear Genners

I am trying to trace my ancestry on my mother's side. Her maiden name was
Unsdorfer and her father (my grandfather) came >from Pressburg/Bratislava,
Czech. Up until recently I had believed that his father, my
great-grandfather Unsdorfer, was born in Gutta, known today as Kolarovo.
However, a recent visit to the Yad Vashem website revealed that he might
actually have been born in Csenger, Szatmar. I visited the NY Library online
where they have a Csenger Yizkor book, but his name was not there. It could
be that they moved >from Csenger to Gutta after he was born. However, I seem
to have come to a dead end.

If anyone has information about Csenger, has Unsdorfer in the family/friends
or has any advice/ information on how I could best pursue this quest, I
would be very grateful for any help.

Please respond privately.

Many thanks in advance.

Michael Goitein

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