Re: The Lack of Common Courtesy and how it affects the Usefulness of #general

jerome schatten

Merle Kastner wrote:

Dear Dave,
I'm sorry to hear that your experiences have been
so disappointing, especially since my own have been
just the opposite.
Over the years, I've helped a lot of people, mostly by replying
privately, and have always heard back >from them with gratitude.

Unfortunately, it's that small minority with poor manners who spoil
things for those who have good ones. I hope
you are not too discouraged to try again and that your
future experiences are positive.

Best of luck,
Merle Kastner
Hi Merle... I've had similar experiences to Dave's but on the
Czernowitz list. Mine were always with newcomers: Someone would show up
on the list and ask for information; I would provide it, and that would
be the last I or the list ever heard >from them.

I've never experienced the problem >from well integrated list members.
Perhaps Dave's non-respondents were just getting their feet wet both in
genealogy and in net-etiquette?

My strategy these days is to reply off list suggesting what information
I have and asking if they would be interested in receiving it. That
immediately forces a more personal relationship upon the requester.
Seems to work better.

Jerome Schatten

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