Thanking those who help -- know how to use your spam filter! #general

nitram <martin@...>

Based on the thread that is going about not being thankful, I want to
say I am sorry to anyone that I did not reply to. Let me explain what
happened to me and I assume that it may have happened to others.

When I first found this site about a month ago, I saw all the questions
posted and very few replies online. I assumed it was a waste of time.
I did not realize that people responded personally and that it would
not show up online.

I made my first post and I could not believe all the people that
responded. I was so excited to check my mail and see your replies
waiting for me. I always thanked everyone - whether the information
was useful or not.

So, who did I not reply to? All of you that were filtered by my email
spam filter! I never saw your replies. My spam filter was set up (1)
to delete all messages not >from the United States. An obvious mistake
if you are on this board, (2) to delete any messages that were >from a
web account unless you were specifically on my "friends" list, such as and (3) Some end up in my delete box and I have
no idea why - even if you sent me something before.

The second problem I had was that my delete box was set up to empty
when I closed my email. So, once I realized that some responses were
going there, it was too late. Your replies were gone.

Overall, this site is wonderful and I am hoping that people will not
take it personally if I didn't respond. As someone else said, it is
probably the newbies (even newer than me) that don't reply. I am
wondering how many don't even no how to use their spam filters?

Thanks to everyone;

Martin Kleiner

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