one more last thing about courtesy #general

Irene Newhouse <einew@...>

I'm responding to the comments of people who mention spam & spam filters in
regard to a lack of thank you notes.

In these days of spam, if you are the one originating a request, you can't
use a generic topic like "Hi" or no subject! I get too many spam messages
my spam filter doesn't catch that start that way. You *must* use an
eye-catching subject like "Are our XXX families related?" Or "ancestors >from
YYY" where YYY is the place of interest. *And* if you're asking for
information, turn off your spam blocker!!! I personally rather resent
having to fill out an electronic form so that someone who has asked me for
help can receive my reply. To such an extent that I won't do it any more.

I'm a ShtetLinks coordinator & I use hotmail. Yes, my email's a spam
magnet. But I have my spam settings set fairly loosely anyway, so that
strangers can get to me. It's the price I choose to pay for the opportunity
to make contact with long-lost cousins.

Irene Newhouse

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