The "legalese" in petitions, etc. #general

Joan Parker <joanparker@...>

Hi Genners,

If you're like I am, when you finally get the various application papers for
Citizenship, you pour over the hand-written words to find out who came >from where,
usually skipping over the legalese.

Last night after I was double-checking one of two sets sent to my by NARA of my GF's
paper to see which one may be my GF's something in one caught my eye (briefly the
heading): District Court of the US/Southern District/NY wherein they were referring
to the matter of the application to be admitted a citizen of the USA. First time I
had seen this.

The paragraph that caught my eye:

"The above-named applicant, being over twenty-one years of age, hereby petitions to
be admitted to become a Citizen of the United States of America, and avers that he
arrived in the United States before he became eighteen years of age, and has ever
since resided therein."

How interesting that a separate government paper would be for over 21 when
petitioning and require under 18 when arriving.

Does anyone know why this particular requirement for over 21 and under 18 and how
long it was a requirement? One was dated 1899 and the other 1900.


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JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
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