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Our earliest known male ancestor was Philippe HENRIQUEZ alias Jeudah SENIOR
(1589-1654). Philippe and his brother Alfonso Henriquez alias David Senior
came to Amsterdam >from Venice, where they had lived in the years +/-
1610-1616. In 1616 Philippe married Esther PIMENTEL in Amsterdam.

Philippe and Alfonso's mother was Violante Pimentel, but their father
remains a mystery. Some (e.g. Studia Rosenthaliana, Vol.12, p.173) maintain
that he was a Mordechai ABENIACAR who died in Constantinople.

The name Abeniacar was, however the alias name of the family Pimentel, also
in Venice at the time before moving to Amsterdam themselves. The problem is
that Violante's brother Garcia Pimentel also had the alias name Mordechai
Abeniacar. So there is confusion.

Can anyone throw further light on the person who was Violante Pimentel's
husband and/or father of Philippe and Alfonso Henriquez-Senior? They were
Marranos >from Spain, but when, and >from where, did they come to Venice?

Many thanks in advance. Our e-mail address is

Frank E. Krenz
Geneva, Switzerland

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