Re: California Death Index #general

Lynne Shapiro <lynneshap@...>

Barry and Group:

I cannot answer specifically re: the California Death Index. But chances
are the information was taken >from the death certificate. Before her
death, your relative was probably receiving Social Security wife's or
widow's benefits, having not worked long enough under Social Security to
qualify for retirement benefits based on her own work. Her Social
Security claim number would have been her husband's number with a B or D
subscript at the end. If she died in 1966 or later, that number would
have been on her Medicare card. If she never worked under Social
Security herself and died before about the late 1970s (the exact date
could probably be checked on the Social Security website, -
there's a history section), she may never have had her own Social
Security number. Eventually all Social Security beneficiaries were
assigned numbers, but that was not the case until about that time. The
relatives who gave the information for the death certificate often
assumed that the claim number was the person's own Social Security number
- even if the person did have a number of her own.

Lynne Shapiro
Western Mass.

<I found a relative recently in the California Death Index.
<The Social Security number listed for this person was
<her late husband's SSN. Is this normal in the CADI?

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