Sitniaki, UKRAINE #general


I would appreciate it if anyone cold supply me with information about the Jews
of Sitniaki, Ukraine. Some of my mother's relatives seem to have been >from there.
One ancestor was probably killed in one of the pogroms during the Russian/Soviet
civil War, round about 1921. It doesn't look like any other JGFF'ers are >from
there, and there is pratically nothing on the internet.

A quick look at the Duma lists show a number of folks with similar family names
(SCHLIAK, PECKER) >from within a few miles of there (Fastov was probably the
biggest town nearby, but Kiev wasn't too far away).

By the way, somehow "sitniaki" was mangled into "Fitwigki" by a major geneaology
website. I knew that was wrong, so I spent quite a bit of time trying to match
letters throughout the entire ship manifest that had this town name. eventually,
I got "sitniaki", and it just happens to actually be a town near Kiev (which I
had been told by relatives).

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