Re: re Blocking Genners responses and computer virus! #general

windselle <windselle3@...>

I believe it's possible that in some cases, the spam block is not there due
to the individual user, but perhaps their ISP's mail server instead. I have
just seen Sylvia Kane's response to my request for help come in, but I see
her email was rejected due to no fault of my own. I have no spam filters
installed. I believe this is another incident of my ISP determining who I
can receive and send mail to. My own sister's email address is often
rejected when I attempt to email her, only in her case, her ISP rejects my
email address. Quirkly little email servers.

In any case, I would encourage anyone who runs in to this problem frequently
to check out their ISP's help section if they have no known spam filters
installed. It may be your ISP has this feature enabled for you.

Rebecca Darlow

Dear Carol,

I second that, but wanted to add this happened to me a few weeks ago. I
tend not to click anything like this, but for some reason decided to this time.
So, I "clicked here," and got myself a computer virus! I imagine some of
these spam protectors are perfectly legitimate, but would like to at least
share my story that perhaps sometimes they aren't.

Thanks for bringing this up,
Shelly Crane

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