Revisiting some brickwalls - Nathan SHAPIRO, Dora GOlDSTEIN and Sarah Golda CHILLAR #general

Linda Altman <familysearch@...>

I need help documenting Nathan's first marriage, his 2nd marriage, the death
of his first wife. All of these events should have occured in Wysokie
Mazowiekie Poland or the surrounding areas, the family also has ties to
Ostrow Mazowiekie and Zambrow Poland.

Nathan SHAPIRO (abt 1847-1928). Wysokie Mazowiekie Poland to New York City
USA. Married first to Dora GOLSTEIN (?- abt 884) prior to 1884. Dora
GOLDSTEIN died abt 1884. Nathan 2nd Married Sarah Golda CHILLER /CHILLAR,
daughter of Abraham Issac CHILLAR and and unknown woman.

The surname may not have been SHAPIRO in Poland, it may have been something
that sounds like SHABBAS.

I have searched JRI Poland's website extensivley and have come up with
nothing. I have tried several films >from the LDS and come up with nothing.
US research has been way more fruitful, and I have been able to document the
family after 1903 in the US.

Thank you all in advance -
Linda Altman
Raleigh, NC

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