Re: Blocking Genners Responses #general

Susan Goldsmith

Dear Genners,

I agree with Peter Zavon's analysis:

"Some people get more spam than others, or are more bothered by it.
These are systems designed to ensure that a live person is sending an
individual message. Don't take it personally, because it's not just to
annoy you..... "

I had used a moderate setting until two weeks ago, when I received a call
from a fellow genner saying that he was unable to send some important
information to me because my box was full. When I checked, I was chagrinned
to find that during a several day absence, spam had filled my inbox. As an
experiment, I have had the spam setting on high for the past two weeks. As a
result, no spam has entered my inbox. I have plenty of memory for important
communications. During that period, >1100 spam messages went directly into a
spam folder. I received a number of messages which my ISP refers to as suspect,
of which most were spam. I read the few that were legitimate and promptly
responded, placing these correspondents in my address book.

Please take a few seconds to complete the form when you first contact a
Genner. As members of Jewish Gen, we are conveying keen interest in hearing
from each other. Having a spam blocker is not offensive if we are understanding
of each other. We don't need to be dissuaded >from helping each other by a tech

Thanks for considering this point of view.

Best Regards,
Susan Goldsmith

and all above names in Australia, New Zealand,
Argentina, Israel, UK

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