ERDSTEIN from Kalusz 49*01' x 24*22' #general

michael <opit@...>

Hello fellows Siggers,

I am looking for information about the ERDSTEIN family who lived
in Kalish / Kalusz, Ukraine.
As per the data information of Ellis Island there were at least
5 people >from Kalusz, Austria that reached E-I and 1 >from
Kalusr, Poland.

April 8, 1911 >from Hamburg: Regina (27) Fanni (7)
Lotta (5) and David (2) one family.
July 26, 1913 >from Hamburg: Chewe a son (17).
October 20, 1922 >from Cherburg (FR): Rurolf a merchant >from Kalusz too.
What happened to those people and their descendants?
How can I reach them? Any information about the family or each member as
mention above will be greatly appreciated.
Please reply to: opit@...
Restatcher Michael (Israel)

Researching: ERDSTEIN, LISCOVITCH >from Belarus, GUREVITCH >from Belarus,
ROISTACHER mainly >from Bessarabia.

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