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A number of years ago I found a hand-written address book of about 200 names
of the members of a synagogue in Philadelphia, Congregation Kesher Israel.
It was (and still is) located at 4th & Lombard Streets. The phone book is
from the 1920s and 1930s. The synagogue was founded in 1894 by Jews from
Eastern Europe. Founders of the synagogue were mostly >from Zagare, but from
other places also (places I cannot identify). The phone book does not state
where a person came from.
I posted this information on jewishgen three years ago, and received 9
responses. Generally, I was not able to provide much helpful information to
those who corresponded with me, and they were not able to help me learn much
about the membership of the shul during those years. But we all tried.
Since three years have passed, I thought I would try again. I would be
happy to answer any inquirers about the membership. I have learned much
more about the membership in the intervening three years, but I guess it is
still looking for a needle in a haystack. For the majority of the members,
I still know only the names and addresses that are in the book. For others,
I have a bit more information. For a few members, I have learned a lot.
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Harry D. Boonin
Warrington, PA

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