Cohanim and their rightful name. #general

Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

Before uprooting the whole family >from Poland to live in England in the late
1890s my husband's grandather's elder brother took the journey to London to
'spy out the land'.

Having declared it a suitable place to live he told the rest of the family
to pack their bags and get on the next ship - with one proviso - when they
arrive at the docks they were to say their name was Cohen not their true
name of Greenspun, according to the elder brother doing so would prevent
anyone >from Poland 'finding them' for whatever reason, as there were so many
Cohen families in London.

The male members of the family continue to this day to practice as Cohanim -
but are they really?

This remains a continual mystery.

I suppose they could take a DNA test but can you imagine the ramifications
if it were negative!

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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