Re: REINES family origins in Lithuania #general

Cyndee Meystel <cmeys@...>

There was a Rabbi Reines who as a rabbi in Lida, Lithuania who was a founder
of the Mizrachi movement.
Cyndee Meystel

"elana eisenstein" <> wrote in message

I am trying to trace my REINES family history.

My great great grandmother was Masha Reines. She lived in Zembrov for much
or her life and died in Bialystok. I have not been able to find any birth
or marriage records for her. Can anyone tell me, >from what town was the
Lithuanian branch of the Reines family originally from.

Is anyone familiar with Rabbi Moshe (no last name given for him) who
married Raina (Reines), earlier in the family history. Do you know where
Rabbi Moshe was >from and what year he was married?

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