Social Security Form OA-C790-help needed #general

Ann & Leonard Jacobs <jacobsl002@...>

I received an OA-C790 >from the SSA, stating this was the only record
available. It's not a very good copy and I'm hopeful someone can tell me
what the data blocks are and maybe even some of the codes:

District Office: New York 27 NY
Code: 117
??: 03/21/66
Type ??: Ret
?? Number: L 19226C
Account Number: --un--
Name of A/N Holder: Jacobowitz, Ida
Sex: F
Date of Birth: 00 00 93
??: Blank
Date of Application: 03 07 66
Type Claim: L
Identifying information--account number unknown
??: Louis Jacobowitz ??: Rachel Houtman
??: Russia

Many thanks in advance,
Ann Jacobs
Kailua, Hawaii
Searching GREENWALD/GRINWALD/GRUNWALD etc, Falticeni, Romania
GELINSON, Minsk, Belarus
BABUSHKIN, Pinsk, Gomel, Belarus
JACOBOWITZ, Lomza, Rutka, Poland
ZETEKOFF, Lithuania

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