Seeking Translation In English On VM6214 & VM6216 And Also Seeking Any And All Informtion On VM6215 #general <sacredsisters3@...>

Hello To All Researchers:

I have posted 2 photos, front and back but only three show up. The
numbers are VM6214-16. I am seeking english translation of all the
writing on the back of each photo. I also would love any information on
the photo Vm6215. I would love to know where and when it was taken. The
photos' are >from my grandfathers side of the family. They are most
likely his siblings.

His family name is Fajkes/Faikes. I believe they all migrated from
poland to argentina sometime between the 1920's-1930's. My grandfather
Milton/Michal Faikes, his mother reva and sister rose were the only
ones who came to america as far as I know. Any and all information is
greatly appreciated.

Sarah Greenberg

MODERATOR NOTE: The photos are posted at

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