Early 19th Century Polish Records #general

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

I was surprised by some statements recently posted stating that
JRI-Poland does not have much data for the period prior to 1850.
I do not believe that it is the case and perhaps people are not
familiar with JRI-Poland Shtetl CO-OP Project and our Patronymic files.

Though 10 years ago, JRI-Poland's goal was to index the Russian language
records, we have moved leaps and bounds further in our 10 years history.
JRI-Poland's goal is to index all the available Jewish Records of Poland
and for any period of time for which those records are made available to us.

JRI-Poland launched the Shtetl CO-OP Project in 1997. A Shtetl CO-OP
consists of groups of volunteers with a common interest in an ancestral
town. Under the leadership of a project coordinator, each JRI- Poland
Shtetl CO-OP team's is to index all of the available Jewish Records >from
the LDS microfilms for that Town. Although it varies >from town to town,
this generally covers the years 1826-mid 1880's. Today there are more
than 195 Shtetl CO-OPs and over 114 towns have been completely indexed.

Over 800 LDS microfilms have been totally completed and live on the
JRI-Poland database and much more is in progress or awaiting to be
loaded on to the database.

In March 2005 we announced the completion the indexing of the LDS
microfilms for all of the 14 towns in the Suwalki Gubernia which meant
the completion of approximately 60 microfilms. These covered the years
1826 to the mid 1880's. If you are interested in these files, please
send an e-mail to suwalki@...

JRI-Poland also has on our website Patronymic files which can be
downloaded and viewed. These files cover the years 1808-1825 when many
Jews did not have surnames and when the Jewish records were recorded
together with their Christian neighbors. JRI-Poland volunteers have
worked hard on extracting data >from these LDS film in order. Look on
the homepage for the link to the patronymic files.

If there are available records for your town prior to 1850 and it is not
on the JRI-Poland database then perhaps they are waiting for you to volunteer.

Hadassah Lipsius
Associate Director

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