Rabbi Posner/Pozner in Warsaw in 19th century #general

Shaul Berger <shaul@...>


I am hitting a wall trying to find information about Leib POSNER, born in
Warsaw by middle of 19th century and died around 1928. He married Chaya and
they had more than 6 children born >from 1880-1897.

Leib's brother (or some other close relative) was famous rabbi in Warsaw. I
hope that someone can point me to a starting point for this lead.

I tried all JewishGen databases but no luck. Any suggestions are welcome. If
anybody is familar with POZNER/POSNER family, please write as any
information or
leads are appreciated.

Thank you

Shaul Berger

Also researching NEUMAN and NACHT (>from Buczacz), BRUMMER (Lwow), HUTTER
OCHOTNICKI & ERENREJCH (>from Kielce area)
Slovakia - BERGER
Hungary - SPITZER (>from Szecseny and Losonc)

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