1811 date and writing permitted on shabbat? #general


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This being a Shabbas [probably] compelled him to sign the deed only
in Hebrew.
According to an on line calendar at
this date - 24 December 1811 was a Tuesday.
That is a new angle, Lisa!!!

It was 1987 when I checked that! >

Long time for a mistake like that ;-{ >

==This was about the time that most European nations adjusted the Julian
calendar and adopted the Gregorian calendar, which also required adjusting dates
by about 11 days. In France an entirely new calendar was created. Either
of these could expllain the why of the date of the week.

==As for writing in Hebrew because it's shabbat, you should know that God
knows how to read and write in Hebrew (in fact he wrote the whole Torah but for
one word in Hebrew. He gets equally peeved whatever language orthodox Jews
use for writing on Shabbat. In the case you cite, he signed in Hebrew because
most Jews at that time couldn't sign their names in French, and if he signed
on a Saturday it would have been after nightfall, when shabbat ends.

Michael Bernet, New York

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