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Polish is an unique language in pinpointing an exact
famlly relations and is
probably a great help in building one's genealogical tree:
I hate to be nit picky, but I know that arabic for one
also has these differentiations in maternal/paternal
family relationships
I am sure they are. I've read that some cannibals have consider eaten by
them people as the priviliged members of their family. They have invented
special names for those relations.
I am not sure what this paragraph is meant to convey.

So on a vaguely related note can anyone tell me what the
word is for the relationship between inlaws e.g. my mother
to my wifes mother, I know there's a yiddish word but I
can't remember it. Presumably it is Polish in
origin rather than Aramaic.
The word is mekhutanim.
To answer the question more precisely:

a) The word is neither Aramaic nor Polish, per the guesses by the
questioner, but Hebrew;
b) The third letter of the word is not a KHAF, but a H.ET, so that a better
and more accurate transliteration is "meh.utanim" (whatever you want to do
with the dot after the "h", the "kh" is definitely wrong;
c) As the questioner asked specifically about the relationship between two
women, the gender is wrong, and they are "meh.utanot".

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