Mt. Zion Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA #general


On the death certificate of my husband's great grandfather, it states he was
buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA, on Nov 24, 1929.

On the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry, which has the information
on those buried in Mt. Zion, I don't find him. On the death certificate,
his name is Hyman Cohen. The family names him Chaim Kagan. I've looked for
both and used the D-M Soundex, searched by death year, and still don't find him.

Thinking to contact the cemetery, I find an address, but not a phone number,
which makes me wonder if the cemetery is still in operation and/or if its
records are being housed and administered by another cemetery now (as this
happens in the Chicago area).

Does anyone know about this cemetery in Los Angeles? I'd like to find these
cemtery records so that I can see if he is really buried there, and if so,
where within the cemetery?

Thank you,
Susi Godfrey

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