IGS-June 15: Belarus National Archives in Minsk and more #general

Mathilde Tagger <tagger@...>

Hello everyone,

Here are the details of the especially rich program of the next meeting of
the Jerusalem Branch of The Israel Genealogical Society:

Place: Beit Frankfurter, Derekh Beit Lehem 80, Bak'a
Date: Wednesday June 15, 2005
Time: 19.30

Topic 1: A Genealogical Research in Belarus National Archives, Minsk
Topic 2: Taking Jewish Genealogy Academic.- Presenting the International
Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center

The two lectures will be given by Ambassador Dr. Yosef (Neville) Lamdan, a
specialist on Belarus Jewish Genealogy and Director the IIJG

For any further detail, please contact me at: tagger@...

Mathilde Tagger
Israel Genealogical Society
Jerusalem Branch
Visit: www.isragen.org.il

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