SPANIER -related names in the Habsburg Empire #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I would like to thank Siggers who send me interesting items >from other lists
which might be of interest to us. On GerSig there is a currently a question on
SPANGER/SPANIER {I misread it first as SPAGNER} >from Trieste, which has drawn a
blank. A GerSig member is seeking a link between Ivan (Johann) SPANGER
(1879-1935,Trieste and SPANGER/SPANIER ancestors in Moselle, Trier, Saarland.
A reply on GerSig today suggested the Habsburg Empire as the source of the

We all know that Trieste was part of the Habsburg Empire, so I looked in
Austria where we know many Triestinos did settle and vice-versa. So far I have
not found any SPANGER but "Spain"-related names do occur in Austria and the
Habsburg Empire pre-1938: Dates of birth are given for these Austrian asset
file-holders >from 1938:

SPAGNOL Gabriele 8. May 1882 [derived >from Espagnol?]
SPANO Magdalena 19 May 1912 [derived >from Espagnol?]

and a whole group of SPANIERMANN: Marianne 27 Nov 1904; Ester 28 Feb 1878; Karl
16 July 1905; Friederich 8 Aug 1899

and these were the holocaust victims:

SPANIERMAN Golda {Vienna] born 1860; Heinrich [Vienna] died 1939 Buchenwald; n
Esther [Vienna but confirmed as born in Brody}.

The above are all definitely Jewish but I am not certain of these - I suspect
they are: Gustav SPANIEL a "BlankSchrauben Fabrikant" and the wonderfully-named

My first guess would be the SPANIERMANN were >from Galicia and indeed they are
- you can sadly see them on Yad vashem, >from Vienna, Brody and Lublin. We
remember them here today.

So beware; these toponymic names may not reflect origins: namely HOLLANDER,
ENGLANDER, LONDON, PARISER etc. The origin of the Triestino family can in no
way be inferred >from the above listings, mainly >from Vienna.

As for SPANGER there are many Jewish SPANGENTHAL, but they are not >from the
Habsurg Empire - they appear to be mainly >from Germany and Galicia - so this
might another avenue to explore. There is even a victim Robert SPANGENTAL born
in Spangenberg, Germany who lived in Paris. And SPANIER - please look at Yad
Vashem again - they are nearly all >from Germany. So on that note, I think it is
best to go over-and-out to GerSig again!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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