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More on Australian Connections.

From: Adele Meren < >

As I've had lots of request for help [ and I'm happy to help you ], I
thought I'd save you all some time with the following short cuts:
If you go to the the Australian Jewish News [AJN] web site at
< > and click on their 'web links' column on the left,
then select 'local,' it will lead you to pretty much all of the Jewish
links around Australia.
Remember, if you see a phone number, you'll need to check out the area
code that you should dial before the actual number, as we have 6 large
states and 2 territories [like a state, including our federal capital],
each with a unique phone area code. Here they are for you all:

Victoria and Tasmania [including Melbourne and Hobart] 3, New South
Wales and the ACT [including Sydney and Canberra] 2, Queensland
[including Brisbane] 7, South Australia, Western Australia and the
Northern Territory [including Adelaide, Perth and Darwin] 8.

So, if dialling Melbourne for example, you'd dial 61 [Australia] then 3
[Victoria/Melbourne], then the actual phone number.

Hope this helps.

Adele Meren,
Melbourne, Australia.

Searching for: KOWAL [Plock and Warsaw, Poland] and WEINBERGER [Pilzno
and Cracow, Poland].

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