Borisov - Etta-Bryna and Yehudah (Levi) #belarus

Israel P <isai8v10@...>

Following Dave Fox' suggestion the other day - and since it's been nearly five
years since I posted this question - here is my main challenge in this geographic

My great-grandmother was named Etta Bryna, but we don't know her surname.
She was married to Israel David ROSENBLOOM, of Borisov, but we have no idea if
she was >from Borisov or elsewhere. She had her children >from about 1880 and
died when they were young, so she was probably born around 1860.

Her father was Yehudah and he was a Levi. We know that >from a drawing of her
grave, which has since been lost.

If someone has a Yehudah who is a Levi with a daughter Etta Bryna born about
1860, I'd be pleased to hear about it.

Today 6 Elul, is her 108th yahrzeit.

Israel Pickholtz

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