Where is Dobrova near Vilna? #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Genners,

I was talking to an elderly cousin, age 82, this weekend and he remembered
that when he was 9, he and his mother and sister went to Europe to visit
her mother and siblings in the home shtetl. He remembered the name was
Dobrova (or that's what it sounded like) and that the nearest big city was
Vilna. All of that family disappeared in the Holocaust. The name here was
WEINSTEIN though I suppose it was spelled differently there. He did
remember that his mother Eva Weinstein Kaplan had a older brother in New
York named Louis Weinstein who had two children Alfred and Eleanor. So far
I haven't identified that family on the 1930 census. I would like to
identify the town so I can see if I can find records identifying the other
siblings who died, etc. Shtetl Seeker did not identify any Lithuanian
towns that sounded like Dobrova, and looking for D towns 30 miles >from
Vilna didn't work either. My cousin thought the town was in Poland or
Russia and maybe it was a lot further >from Vilna than I thought. So can
anyone identify this town for me, please?

Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL
Gniewoszow, Poland; KAPLAN, Antopol, Belarus; KAMENETZKY, Antopol, Belarus;
PILCHIK, Selets, Belarus; PLOTNITZKY, Selets, Belarus; TELECHANSKY, Motol
and Drogichin, Belarus; SHERESHEVSKY, Motol, Belarus; GAYLBURD, Priluki
Staraya, Turbov, and Vinnitsa, Ukraine; GORDY, Vinnitsa, Ukraine; LUNDI,
Priluki Staraya, Ukraine; KANTOROWITZ, Baranovici and Turetz, Belarus;

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