Privileges of Kohanim and Levi'im #general


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Could you explain what you mean by "offer no real privileges". We know of
many priviliges that the Priests had and some minor ones that still exist

< I believe that the Bible considers a privilege to "Bless the people".
They get a tithe >from all the people etc.

==I am referring to genealogy, specifically why it would not have been
profitable for an ancestor to claim the one status or the other.

==But as for real privileges nowadays for either group: Does anyone pay you
tithes? Are you allowed to keep the pidyon haben payment? Does it matter
whether you are called first or third to the Torah? Are you thrilled when I, a
Levite, pour water over your fists? The Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing)
of today in only a symbolic memory of a rite that could be performed only in
the Bet Hamikdash (the Temple in Jerusalem.

Michael (Me'ir Halevi) Bernet, New York

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