Searching HARRIS from Poland #general

Marion Werle <werle@...>

I would be very surprised if the surname in Poland were actually HARRIS. What I've
found is that people in America filling in forms take liberties with names. If
the surname was changed in America by anybody else in the family, the informant
"helpfully" uses this changed surname for relatives still in the Old Country,
whether or not they ever changed their name. I have found many examples of this
in vital records filled out by people who lived in America. They also anglicize
first names (Feige became Fannie) of people who never changed their names. I even
have a wedding invitation where "Mr. and Mrs. Gordon" invite people to a wedding
held in Canada--the parents never left Latvia, and their surname was actually
SKUTELSKI (their sons became GORDON in Canada and the U.S.).

My HARRIS relatives were actually KRAWITZ in Lithuania, and to complicate matters,
only my grandfather changed his name, while he was living in Ireland.

It can drive you crazy trying to sort it all out.

However, during the birth registration of a child, my grandfather, Joseph Jacobs
nee EICHLER, listed Grandma's maiden name as HARRIS. Finding that particular
document was the first time we ever heard or saw the name HARRIS.
Marion Werle

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