Shanghai: FAQ #general

P & R Nash

Recent messages posted by Rose Raymen and the response >from Drs J and I
Schwarcz prompts me to suggest the following to any researcher (present and
past)who is looking for data on the former Jewish residents of Shanghai and
other cities of China. The first reference should be the chapter on China in
the Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy. This will lead the researcher to the
relevant archives, resources, websites, etc. Of course other valuable
resources are being found since the Guide was published over a year ago.
YIVO in New York has a far more extensive collection on the Jews of Shanghai
than the Leo Baeck Institute (refer Drs Schwarcz), especially for the
Europeans that found refuge in Shanghai during World War 2. The Central
Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem has a most
valuable resource, the so-called Shanghai HIAS Lists, which are now on
microfilm. A microfilm copy is also available at YIVO. A list of ships that
sailed to Shanghai could be compiled by searching about 8500 entries (refer
Rose Raymen's wish).

Peter Nash, Sydney

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