Re: Naming a baby who dies at birth #general

Judith Romney Wegner

My husband has a niece whose baby died *before* birth - estimated to have
died a few weeks before she went into labor. The baby was named and buried.
Leslie Weinberg
Dear Leslie,

That is interesting. But may I inquire where the burial took place?
(i.e., what denomination of Judaism was this particular cemetery?)

Some Conservative Jewish cemeteries have a "corner" set aside for
the burial of nefalim (miscarriages, stillbirths, and babies who die
within the first 30 days after birth). But this is done without a
regular burial service.

I assume Reform cemeteries provide such an area (but I don't know
whether or not a service is held in those cases).

And I don't know whether orthodox cemeteries even provide an area for
such burials. Can someone enlighten us?

Judith Romney Wegner

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