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Ilene Murray <ilenemurray@...>

Laura Katz asked about Barge Office Records >from 1890-92.

Laura, the records >from the Barge Office were U. S. Customs Lists and
then Immigration Passenger Lists. The "new" Immigration forms really
were not in widespread use till 1893, although the precursor to the INS,
the Dept. of Immigration, began in 1891. These forms were turned over to
the federal government and microfilmed, just as the later Immigration
Passenger Lists were, and copies are widely available.

As you know, 1890 and 1891 are part of the port of New York's unindexed
years. You might check periodically at, since they are in
the process of indexing those years online. If you don't have a
subscription, check with your local library.

As for the "Russians to America" series, they, too, are widely available
at libraries with genealogical departments. The first few volumes in the
series were in book form. They are a useful tool, but you must remember
that you are looking at names that were indexed by people who were not
familiar with YOUR family and YOUR spelling.

I did find my great-grandfather in one volume and it DID save me a lot
of searching, BUT I only found him in the book after I had located him
on a ship out of Hamburg. That gave me an approximate date of arrival in
New York and a boat. When I found him in the book, his name was spelled
so strangely that I knew I never would have recognized it. To complicate
things, he must have parroted the response of whoever was in front of
him because he gave his city of origin as Hamburg and his occupation as
"painter," just as the young man before him did. Both pieces of
information were incorrect for my great-grandfather.

I guess that's a long way of saying that it's certainly worth looking in
the books or on the CDs, but if you don't find your person, don't assume
he wasn't there.

(As I looked at your husband's ancestor's name again, I wondered if you
have thought to look for him as "Grunberg"? I have cousins named
Greenbaum, and on their manifests, they are "Grunbaum.")

Hope this is helpful.

Ilene Kanfer Murray
St. Louis, Missouri

Searching: ZEITLIN in Minsk; WEISBERG in Vitebsk

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