Seeking Professional/Independant Researcher, Argentinian Records #general <sacredsisters3@...>

Hello To All:

I am seeking someone who can help me get records >from argentina. I really have no
clue as to what channels I have to go through to get the information I am looking
for. I am trying to trace the migration of My grandfathers family, and hopefully
find some living decendants. I have two dates of burial for two possible siblings
of my grandfather and have no Idea how to obtain those records. If there is
someone who is based in argentina or knows what channels to go through that can
help me in my search, that would be greatly appreciated.

Money does not grow on trees, so if you get paid your fees by the hour I can't
afford you. I am glad to pay said costs for records if they are found. So, if this
is your passion or hobby and are willing to help me please e-mail me and I will be
glad to tell you what I am looking for.

Sarah Greenberg
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