Re: where is Bison or Bizon? #general

Todd Brody

I think that what this may be referring to is Biezun,
which is a city in the Plock Gubernia, Warszawa
Province (northern part of Poland Lat. 5258, Long.
1955). Part of my family comes >from Biezun as well as
some of the surrounding cities -- Zuromin, Mlawa and
Zielun. I hope that this was helpful. There are lots
of records for Biezun in JRI-Poland.

Kind Regards

Todd Brody

--- Judith Lipmanson <lipmanson@...> wrote:

I just received a copy of an 1871 NYC Marriage Certificate on which the
groom's "Place of Birth" is clearly listed as "Bison, Russia". He was 21
at the time of his marriage, so I've been searching maps and gazetteers
for the period 1800-1860 (and more). So far I can find no town, city,
province, locale with a name that even approximates Bison. I've looked
at similar atlases for Poland. Nothing.
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