Prezmysl Orphanage #general

arie meir

Hi to all of you

Here is a list of people who were conected to the orphanege in Przemysl
before world war 2. If by any chance one of them is still alive please
conect me.

Here are the names: Maurycy BRIEFER, Dr. Bernard GANS, Dr. Jakob GLANZ, Dr.
Joachim GOLDFARB, Dr. Leo and Leonora PROBSTEIN, Moshe SCHEINBACH, Mina
MINTZ, Maria MESTER, Jakob HIRSCHFELD, Rabbi SCHMELKES, Roza and Henryk
BLATT, Deborah CITRON, Rosa DIAMANT, Bertha GANS, Dr. Leib LANDAU, Lola


Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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