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Judith Romney Wegner

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005 15:14:39 UTC, jrw@... (Judith Romney Wegner)

This particular folk-etymology is fascinating for another reason
also: it could neve have evolved but for the fact that the sounds
"B" and "V" are rendered by the same alphabet character in
Cyrillic. Otherwise there would have been no reason to associate the
V sound in KRAVITZ with the B sound in "B'Oholei" in the quoted
> verse >from Psalms.
Stan Goodman replied:

This is untrue. The sounds 'B" and "V" are not rendered by the same
character in any version of the Cyrillic alphabet. The two characters look
similar enough to anyone who does not know the alphabet or the language,
much as Hebrew *Resh* and *Daled*, or *Bet* and *Kaf*, confuse the non-Hebrew
Stan is absolutely right. In my haste I expressed myself unclearly
I meant to say that the B and V letters all look like various forms
of "B" and that this might well explain the confusion.

The analogy Stan makes with the similarity between various Hebrew
letters is a good one. (These letters are frequently confused on
tombstones by people who have some familiarity with Hebrew alphabet
characters but don't know the language well.) My point was that the
same thing can happen with the Cyrillic "B" characters, among people
who were literate in Yiddish, but had some visual familiarity with
Cyrillic alphabet letters.

Judith Romney Wegner

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