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May someone please make sense of an entry in the 1902 New York City
The exact quote is as this:
< Abramson Max physician 54 Eldridge, extracts 76 Forsyth & manager 118
Canal >
Looks to me there are 3 work places, but no home address. What these work
places could be? Why there is no home address? What extracts means in this
context? What could he manage at 118 Canal?
Any clarification and explanation will be appreciated.
To me it looks like he lives at 54 Eldridge. Busy man that he is, he may or
may not receive many patients there. "Extracts" may be >from plants of
pharmaceutical or culinary uses. What he could possibly be doing on Canal
Street is hard to guess >from this distance. Doesn't the City Directory have
a section in which it lists by address? If not, it must have a business
directory that you could browse; NY wasn't so off-puttingly big that long
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